The Galaxy That Ran Out Of Gas

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Researchers have been ready to capture via the Hubble telescope just one these kinds ofgalaxy that has missing its spiral arms and died.

Which is what took place to a galaxy called D100 in the large, Coma galaxy cluster, commencing around three hundred million years back. Photos from NASA’s Hubble House Telescope permitted scientists to see the phenomenon in unparalleled detail.

“This galaxy stands out as a notably excessive example of procedures widespread in large clusters, wherever a galaxy goes from becoming a balanced spiral complete of star development to a ‘red and dead’ galaxy. The spiral arms disappear and the galaxy is left with no gasoline and only old stars,” said William Cramer, a graduate college student in Yale’s Division of Astronomy who led the new exploration.

“This phenomenon has been recognized about for several a long time, but Hubble delivers the best imagery of galaxies undergoing this system.”

(Graphic credit rating: NASA/ESA/College of Alabama/Yale College)