This Photo Shows the Dark Side of the Moon and Earth in the Same Shot

A Chinese satellite now orbiting the moon has captured a lovely picture demonstrating each the far aspect (AKA darkish facet) of the Moon as perfectly as planet Earth in the history.

The Dwingeloo Radio Observatory in the Netherlandsexperiencesthat the picture was captured by China’s Longjiang-2 satellite on February 3rd, 2019.

This photograph of Earth and the Lunar farside, probably our very best at any time, was taken yesterday by the Chinese Lunar satellite DSLWP-B (Longjiang-2). The Dwingeloo telescope downloaded the photo from the satellite this morning. Extra data at

— Dwingeloo Telescoop (@radiotelescoop)February 4, 2019

The photo higher than has been coloration corrected — here’s what the unedited shot looked like:

Crew hard work:@bg2bhcproduced and prepared all commands,@KuehnReinharduplinked them to the satellite, the operators of the Dwingeloo telescope, now@cgbassa,@tammojanand@cosmicpudding, downloaded the benefits. Uncorrected graphic connected. More future week!

— Dwingeloo Telescoop (@radiotelescoop)February 4, 2019

Longjiang-2 shot its to start with image of the total Moon and Earth in one shot right after waking up from a slumber — China designed the satellite go silent even thoughlanding the Chang’e-4 probe on the significantly side of the moon final thirty day periodso it would not interfere with needed communications.

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