Watch: NASA Gives You An Intimate Look At The Mesmerizing Whirlpool Galaxy

ByYoon Sann Wong,04 Feb 2019

NASA’s Hubble House TelescopeYouTube channel recently shared a new video clip that presents you a far more specific appear at the captivating Whirlpool Galaxy.

“This amazing moviemakes use of two dimensional photographs and a few dimensional visualizations to distinction and examine the various views of infrared (Spitzer Place Telescope), obvious (Hubble Area Telescope), and X-ray (Chandra X-ray Observatory) observations,” reads the video’s description.

“Within these spectral bands,every single wavelength region illustrates a various component of the stars, gasoline, and dust that comprise the galaxy. By each separating and combining 7 multiwavelength views, astronomers acquire a broader and richer appear into the specific framework of a spiral galaxy.”

Check out itunderneath.

[viaHubble Room Telescope, principal image through movie screenshot]

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