World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera Offers Compact Way to Photograph the Stars

NANO1 - World's Smallest Astronomy Camera

Think about a camera that has the skill to capture sharp illustrations or photos of the evening sky. Now consider it was little adequate to match in your pocket. Meet theNANO1. This small cam is opening up the world ofastrophotographyto a wider audience many thanks to its compact style and design and strong imaging. Instead of lugging all over bulky gear, photographers can effortlessly photograph the stars with a digital camera that weighs just 3.five ounces.

Designed bySmall MOS, who earlier unveiled the TINY1 in 2016, the NANO1 is currently obtainable onKickstarter. The company was started by professional photographer Gray Tan, who was annoyed by the bulky gear employed in astrophotography and wanted to generate something that would make it far more available. Collectively with engineers and co-founders Ashprit Singh Arora and Chia Lih Wei, Tan helped make the NANO1 a reality.

As the world’s smallest astronomy digital camera, the NANO1 is just 2.five inches on its longest facet. Its small 1/two.3″ sensor gives a 5.5x crop issue, which enables for the imaging of vivid astrological objects with a compact lens. Any lens which is attached will benefit from the additional telescopic vary, such as telescopes and DSLR lenses.

NANO1 - World's Smallest Astronomy Camera

A patented sounds reduction algorithm even further cleans up pictures, producing them immediately shareable throughout social media. The NANO1 also has a twin interchangeable lens mount procedure, meaning that it accepts equally C mount lenses and M12 lenses. Apart from still visuals, the tiny digicam shoots 4K video for even more innovative alternatives. To round things out, there are a amount of astronomy presets and the camera can guide you by the stars thanks to an augmented reality star map that functions when tethered to a smartphone.

The NANO1, which comes with a 2.8mm F2.eight M12 kit lens, starts off at $479 all through theKickstarter marketing campaign. There are a number of offers out there which include mounts and adaptors for Canon and Nikon lenses, with delivery approximated for March 2019.

The NANO1 is the world’s smallest astronomy digital camera, weighing just 3.five ounces.

NANO1 - World's Smallest Astronomy Camera

Compared to the bulky machines astrophotographers use, the NANO1 is microscopic.

NANO1 - World's Smallest Astronomy Camera

Its twin lens mount technique offers it the versatility to do the job with little M12 lenses or conventional DSLR lenses through adaptors.

NANO1 - World's Smallest Astronomy Camera

The NANO1 is now readily available for pre-get onKickstarter.

NANO1 - World's Smallest Astronomy Camera

See how the NANO1 performs with these examples accomplished throughout the prototyping stage.

Understand additional about the world’s smallest astronomy digital camera.

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All illustrations or photos by using Little MOS.

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